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Walia Cleaning Service is a Small Business owned and operated by a Disabled Veteran.

Walia is an endangered species found only in the northern mountains of Ethiopia, where the CEO of Walia Cleaning was born. Walia is known as one of the protected treasures of Ethiopia and is considered sacred throughout the country. Walias are fast, and very active creatures that proudly protect their herd.

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Our Services

Walia Cleaning is one of the best cleaning services  in Dallas - Ft. Worth & Ft. Lauderdale. Our customers can choose from a variety of household cleaning services. Deep cleaning services and regular, scheduled cleaning services and one-time move-in or move-out cleaning services are available. You can book an appointment with us at the click of a button and we guarantee to provide the best level of service to our experienced cleaners! If you're looking for house cleaning in South Florida or Dallas, you've come to the right place.

Residential Cleaning

Walia Cleaning is one of the most reliable and trusted residential cleaning service in Dallas - Ft. Worth & Ft. Lauderdale. Our service is designed to provide a clean, safe, healthy and happy home cleaning. We pride ourselves on our reputation for reliable and high quality domestic cleaning services.

Office Cleaning

Walia Cleaning Services offers office cleaning service in Dallas - Ft. Worth & Ft. Lauderdale. We provide high quality cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing services to help workers and consumers operate in a healthy and safe environment.


We are a Professional Team of Cleaning Services Providers


Walia Cleaning Service came to South Florida because we realized the lack of quality cleaning and customer service in today's cleaning companies and decided to make a difference in the industry. With more than ten years of experience, we launched our cleaning services Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and later expanded to Dallas, Texas. We served over 400 clients so far and counting.

In 2018, our founders recognized the lack of quality cleaning and customer service in today's cleaning companies and decided to make a change in the industry. Our team have over a decade of experience in the cleaning service industry.

Best Quality Cleaners

Our never-ending pursuit of perfection has emanate in relentless growth from year to year. Our mission is to listen to our customers, understand their demands, & provide finest-quality cleaning services.

Completely Certified

Our company is known for its efficiency and effectiveness. We pride ourselves on being trustworthy and ensuring that your safety is our first priority. 

Environment-Friendly Supplies

We clean with environmental friendly supplies to reduce our environmental effects. We do not use any environmentally unhealthy chemicals that can harm people's health.

On-Time Every Time

We really appreciate your time. We offers detailing the type of cleaning you need and how often you need it. We are available.

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Pricing Table

Prices for Our Services

$ PRICE / Month

Bathrooms Cleaning

Bedrooms Cleaning

Living rooms Cleaning

Kitchen size

Pets Hair

Additional Rooms Cleaning

Refrigerator Cleaning


Basic Service

$ 40/ Month

1 Bathroom Cleaning

Up To 3 Bedrooms Cleaning

1 Livingroom Cleaning

Small Kitchen (0 – 150 Ft2)

No Pet Hair Removing

Up To 2 Additional Rooms Cleaning

No Refrigerator Cleaning

Most Popular

Premium Service

$ 60/ Month

Up to 2 Bathrooms Cleaning

Up to 4 Bedrooms Cleaning

Up to 2 Living Rooms Cleaning

Medium Kitchen (151 – 250 ft2)

Pet Hair Removing

Up to 5 Additional Rooms Cleaning

1 Refrigerator Cleaning

Post Renovation

$ 80/ Month

Up to 3 Bathrooms Cleaning

Up to 6 Bedrooms Cleaning

Up to 3 Living Rooms Cleaning

Large Kitchen (>250 ft2)

Pets hair Removing

Up to 5 Additional Rooms Cleaning

2 Refrigerator Cleaning